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    Wink Raptorflame's workshop

    Right so I have been wondering how to get more views on my submissions for primal carnage extinction, so I asked a couple friends and they said to post a thread about it. So here I am.

    Anyway my steam is RaptorFlame (I made this account when my steam name was still cookieraptor1) so if you'd like to see more of my skins then go check out my profile.

    First I'll start with my favourite which is this one

    This is the Paradox Rex, this one took the longest to make.

    Next we have my most recent one which is the Fever Dilo

    And finally the Yena nova

    So like I said I do have more, but I couldn't be bothered posting them all, I'd appreciate it if you'd review these skins as I spent quite a long time on them :3


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    I quite like your skins. I like the Plasma Acro you have as well as the Paradox Rex and Fever Dilo. That being said, i'm not a big fan off the Yena Nova. The skin is way too dark in my opinion so it's pretty hard to make out the details on it.
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    Thank you for your reply, and I agree the Yena novaraptor is probably my least favorite out of the 4 because of the colour, anyway I appreciate your opinion

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    Very nice! You need to add your bank account (to your steam workshop) and accept payment reqs every upload you do.
    If you dont, your skins wont be seen in Primal Carnage Extinction workshop.
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    Oh Okay thank you, I was wondering why I wasn't getting much views :3

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