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    Open Testing Build 7048

    This build appears to be a corrupt or bad cook - currently in the process of re-cooking the build to try to track down where the issues lie.

    Hi all!

    We've released the new Open Testing build today! Below is the information and changelog.

    Open Testing Times
    Thanks to TheSlayerNL, we are trying to co-ordinate more regular times for Open Testing for more improvements. It's no secret that the team is reduced to only a few part-time developers and we don't have time to both develop the game and run testing sessions.
    If you are interested in helping test OT and join in, please read the sticky thread at the top of this forum, or click!

    Test notes for this week
    In order to better direct the testing, we're aiming to provide a more concise list of things that we need tested each and every OT session. For this test session, these are the main things we're looking for feedback on.

    Tyrants being able to spawn inside human base
    Ability to perform a VoteMap early on in the game
    Player pawns not making pain sounds
    Players being able to move while taunting
    Players being able to slide while healing
    Acro marked as unavailable in the class menu
    Dino skins, when equipped, are correctly seen by other players and you.
    Reliability of Raptor pounces
    Cryo acid pool damage
    Explosives, fire etc losing their owner and being able to damage teammates, or not crediting for kills
    Friendly players being able to trigger mines

    Accessing the build
    Open Testing now has its own App ID on Steam! You can find "Primal Carnage Extinction Open Testing" in your games list.

    We're running an official open testing server called "PCE Official Open Testing" in the US region. You can join the official open testing server by connecting to IP Address or finding it in the server browser.

    Started new structure for loadout, dino skins should now work.
    Large scale texture optimization and texture memory improvement usage across the board

    Adjust position of Acro bite sockets
    Made the default shotgun less effective at long range
    Made the tranq rifle more effective at long range
    Severely reduced the ridiculous knockback on molotov explosions
    Increased health of Tyrannosaurus to 3000
    Increased health of Spinosaurus to 3600
    Set maul stamina drain to 6 instead of 5
    Increased cooldown of raptor pounce from nothing to 1.2 seconds
    Updated damage falloffs and instant hit amounts for all shotguns, reducing their effective range and narrowing the gap between the different types
    Tweaked timings and heal amounts on the throwable health pack
    Increased the radius of Pyro Bomb

    Fixed no kill icon for melee attacks
    Potential fix for spawn system choosing bad spawnpoints
    Fixed the Acro appearing as unavilable in the spawn menu
    Fix assists awarding 0 points, and being able to award over 100
    Fixed AR grenade dealing headshot damage

    Reduced audible radius of shotgun reload sounds
    Sound class changes as a potential fix for dino vocals and weapon sounds getting cut off

    Map Updates
    -Fixed collision issues, removed some awkward rocks
    -Moved the health corpse in the higher area of the map
    -Reduced brightness of skylight and changed it to a warmer colour
    -Other general map optimizations

    -General collision fixes and optimiations

    -Minor collision fixes
    -Added some new snowy versions of props to snow version

    -Various fixes and optimizations

    -Re-lit Snowbound
    -Various collision fixes

    -Various fixes and optimizations

    -Various optimizations

    -Various optimizations

    -Various optimization and collision fixes

    -Collision, physics and general fixes
    -Lighting improvements

    -Collision, physics and general fixes
    -Lighting improvements

    -Added extra routes up and down from the catwalks
    -Added sections of caged walkway to provide cover from Tyrants and Flyers
    -Collision fixes
    -Lighting improvements
    -Hid most of the roof details in interiors to test whether the tyrant camera feels better without them there

    -Collision fixes
    -Stopped walls of capture points vanishing atlong range
    -Added more snowy versions of props and Icicle Death Pit to snowy version
    -Adjusted view distances on some particles
    -Removed a fallen log

    -Fixed various collision issues
    -Removed character turntables
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    for the testing sessions do you think there can be a second session at like 4:30pm AWST?
    check out my super cool YouTube channel I post my map updates there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turtl3Man View Post
    for the testing sessions do you think there can be a second session at like 4:30pm AWST?
    I have made a section on the group that allows players to make their own sessions could try and see if there are more who find your times suited
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