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    Day/Night cycles. And more feathered raptors for PS4?

    Alright, so I've been thinking, and I came across the idea of being able to choose Day or Night on certain maps in primal carnage, this would be an option in the main screen as you first try to create a public server, there also could be a Cycle option where the cycle could take anywhere from five to ten minutes before swapping to the other time.

    And an awesome idea I was thinking of as well would be a DLC or a trophy, and this would morph to the colors around it once crouched for a straight of three minutes. This could be for any of the classes, but raptor would be Awesome!

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    I can't really say what skins will be ported to the PS4 version, that's up to Panic Button, but day/night cycles will not be a thing sorry. We only have one map where we experimented with this feature in Free Roam and it is not good for performance, nor does it really fit well with the short fast-paced rounds of Extinction's usual match setups. Having a defined time of day allows us to have better lighting and optimize the game to run better and that's one of our key goals currently, so it's unlikely we'll do anything more with day / night cycles.

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    But maybe for a sequel...?

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