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    Open Testing Build 7082

    Hi all!

    We've released the new Open Testing build today! Below is the information and changelog.

    Open Testing Times
    Thanks to TheSlayerNL, we are trying to co-ordinate more regular times for Open Testing for more improvements. It's no secret that the team is reduced to only a few part-time developers and we don't have time to both develop the game and run testing sessions.
    If you are interested in helping test OT and join in, please read the sticky thread at the top of this forum, or click!

    Accessing the build
    Open Testing now has its own App ID on Steam! You can find "Primal Carnage Extinction Open Testing" in your games list.

    We're running an official open testing server called "PCE Official Open Testing" in the US region. You can join the official open testing server by connecting to IP Address or finding it in the server browser.

    A whole range more texture and map fixes, improvements and optimizations
    Fixed taunts and tertiary weapons not being equipped properly - loadouts should now be fully functional
    Bumped progression system to support up to level 50
    Fixed tupa charge exploit

    Acro heal buff amount per second increased from 2 to 6
    Decreased double barrel shotgun fire interval from 1.25 to 1.15
    Increased pounce cooldown timer from 1.2 to 1.35
    Reduced damage of acid pool from 40 to 35
    Acid pool damage interval changed from 0.7 to 1.2
    Increased acid pool spit trace length from 64 to 90 and upped decal far plane to 512, should appear more reliably.

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    hint: almost always sunny but gas prices are outa wack
    just a reminder, the assist system fails to work if you die before your target is finished off by an ally (precisely tested with a dilo bite DoT on a sniper. sniper killed the dilo right after being bit and then was killed by an ovi while the dilo's DoT was still active yet the dilo received no assist for the kill despite no other dinos beside the ovi and said dilo attacking the sniper)

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