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    [H] PC:E Inventory (Keys, Legendaries, Rares, etc [W] Gift copy of The Stomping Lands

    I know the game is dead, but I still want to have it for my own reasons.

    So to put it simply, if you have a gift copy of the Stomping Lands, I'm offering anything in my PC:E inventory, in any amount.

    Here are the items I think you'd be most interested in.

    2 regular keys.
    Legendary Snowstorm Ptera
    Legendary Fowl Oviraptor
    Legendary Paradise Oviraptor
    Legendary Falcon Novaraptor
    Legendary Ember Cryo
    Legendary Collared Dilo
    Legendary Aurora Acro
    Legendary Sandstorm Spino
    Novaraptor Head Camera

    And a variety of Crates, Commons, Uncommons, and Rares.

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    Amazing deal sadly I never got the game wish I could help

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