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    F13 DBD and last year mega thread

    Due to all three games being relatively similar and coming out at similar times I've decided to create a mega thread for all three.

    last year

    "In Last Year you’ll experience the nightmare together as you and 5 friends struggle to survive against one player that's playing as the Killer. Explore familiar territory based on classic horror movie locations including Camp Silver Lake and East Side High. You’ll play the roles of 5 stereotypical high school characters while co-operating to complete objectives and survive." (Last year Kickstarter)


    "Friday the 13th: The Game is a third-person, asymmetrical multiplayer title where one player controls Jason Voorhees while the remaining seven control camp counselors trying to survive the night. That's right...1v7 multiplayer set in the semi-open world of Camp Crystal Lake! It's a classic horror fan's dream, no shaky cam, no found footage. We want you to know we're revitalizing the golden era of slashers, and putting you at the controls of each horrific, blood-splattered moment." (F13th Kickstarter)

    I'm sure that dead by daylight doesn't need an introduction as it's been covered by everyone already.

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    Im so in Dead by Daylight. Best assymetrical multiplayer. Playin every day.
    90% of time im survivor, bacuse it much more fun to hide from killer, or run like crazy tryin escape from him.
    Right now i bought all available DLC, cause they cheap, looks good, and i much more support that way of skin saling than stupid boxes.
    Killin dinos all day.
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