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    Official Primal Carnage Discord Server

    If the forums seem a little quiet, it might be because earlier this year we discovered this great application called Discord. It's like a mix of IRC / Skype and Teamspeak. One of the nice features is it can be used either in your web browser or their desktop app. Since we love it so much, we set up an official Primal Carnage Discord server!

    You can check it out here (we highly recommend creating an account).

    Besides being a general chat hub for the community and allowing players a direct line to developers, we also use Discord during our Open Testing sessions. Players interested in helping out can join the Open Testing channel to keep track of new and upcoming changes, plus we have a dedicated voice channel for use during focused testing sessions. Although the forums are still moderated and looked at regularly, the official Discord sever is more or less the main discussion area for all things Primal Carnage now.

    We're really happy that a lot of our most dedicated users have jumped on board Discord and hope that more continue to join in the discussion. There have been some great debates over the past few months that really helped us better adjust the game's balance. Resolving issues players have encountered has been a lot easier for us as well, since we're able to talk directly to you. And finally, for anyone interested in creating content for the Extinction Workshop, it's a great place to learn from other players.

    Hope to see you there!
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    Make the link seem a bit more obvious, just so it's easier to find it o7

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