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    In the woods somewhere.

    [H] Items [W] Offers

    Items I currently have for trade:
    Rare Scarab Oil x3
    Rare Erractic Acro
    Rare Bandit Ovi x2
    Rare Bone-faced Pathy x2
    Rare Hunter trapper x2
    Rare Ovi Collar x2
    Rare Trapper Moonwalk Taunt
    Normal Redwood Acro
    Normal Lion Acro
    *Legendary Red Crested Dragon Acro, MIGHT trade. Had this guy a long time so I'm ify about it. Only good offers might be accepted.

    Wanting: Offers!

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    What could you trade for a falcon or bearded? and maybe a couple of specific skins you'd like for that red crested

    add me so we can have a chat
    If you wanna trade, talk, be-friend, see me,hangout, just go ahead (^_^), I won't mind.

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