Early today people opened gifts, and I received one but it was bugged and had an error and saying long economy name. I checked my inventory and did not find anything... Which was disappointing. And I know who opened the gift.
Also, I got a Rare Snow Sci early this morning and later this evening it was gone. Completely. I tried connecting to the economy, restarting steam, etc.
Lastly.. I lost a Gift crate. I hosted a server for friends to join and open gifts. I let people go first to avoid bugged items. And as I was about to open mine, it was gone. Completely. Just like my Snow sci..
So I lost.. Rare snow sci, a gift Item I got that was bugged and never got, and my gift crate..
Is there anyway I can get my items back?!

I'm planning to add more money tomorrow.. but if this gonna happen again, I don't think I'm gonna risk $12.99 for a gift that will disappear before using.

Other people are also saying they received the bugged gifts and losing gift boxes..