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    【importance】I have no any randoms drops...and always crash.fix it!!!!!!

    first when I lv up,I can get a drops.but I have not get any randoms drops when I play in game for one week...
    maybe u will say it a randoms drops so there will be a long times u have no any drops , this is normal.however , This shows that your dropship system has a lot of problems, when I in a rank server I will see that many others player can get drops (I admit that some of these due to the lv up) and some palyers can get 4 or more times drops in one day .I'm sorry I don't have one. have U think your drop sys still have no problems??? I have no any drops for 5 days!!!!

    since I played this game, the game always crashed ..can u fixed it?????I have play any games never anyone like this always crashed....I have already instealled the .NET4.6.0 AND VC2005-2015

    my steamid is hriderxy&z . u can check it...

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    BTW:i must play this through shadowsocks (one of proxy) ,cause the game connect the google and i'm sorry that I can't use the game will be no response when I DON'T use proxy

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    plz fix the crash !!!!plz fix the drops !!!!!!

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