Hello I just bought this game and I bought it based on the pc version. Pc has challenges which keeps players coming back to do. if Ps4 got the same love more ppl would play like me because theirs incentives to come back. Also Dino vs Dino tdm would be awesome as well if that's possible.

Cash Shop: If you guys had a in game store. Where ppl could buy skins directly instead of going to the ps store but a actual in game store showcasing skins I think would increase revenue, this is the new age and players are more likely to buy cool skins that are advertised in their face in the game Rather then go look in the store for skins. When a game is free to play but has a cash shop that's where the money is. One GD to another you could easily implement a currency system and have ppl earn different tiered skins with currency that's accumulated over time but if a player wishes they could just outright buy from you. Or even a special currency that's pay only. The community wants more content. I'm sure this game could use more money for funding. You make everyone happy including yourselves. I know this post probably will not get a response but I know your reading. Don't pay attention to the negative this is the internet ppl will always have something negative to say can't make everyone happy.