View Full Version : November 25 v1.02 Update (North, Central, and South Americas)

11-24-2015, 05:30 PM
Summary of the game update details released for North, Central, and South America on November 25:

Added features and updates included in the release for the EU, Australia, and New Zealand

Made changes to reduce future patch sizes

Added English (UK) voice recognition title name

Added the system ability to define the safe area

Addressed issues with mutliplayer flow and notifications

Addressed issue where it appeared the game failed to display a connection error message in certain scenarios

Addressed an issue where the game could incorrectly display a network disconnection error message and ask for sign in

Addressed an issue where incorrect naming conventions were used

Addressed issue where the game could crash if the user selects "Quit" from the in-game Options menu but does not confirm before the match ends

Addressed issue where the game could crash if two or more players kill themselves repeatedly before a Survival mode match or round begins

Addressed issue where the game could crash if the user repeatedly selected the Refresh button on the Server Browser

Addressed issue where pressing the D-Pad or "X" button could move the UI for "Controls" in "Options"

Addressed issue where the game mode could change from Free Roam to Team Death Match if the Host of a Free Roam match quit the game

Addressed issue where the “Disable Killing” and “Disable Damage” options could be ignored in Free Roam mode

Added functionality for future DLC releases

Note: The game update released on November 24 is the 1.02 update, but might report as 1.01 in the "Update History".