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Thread: Patch #2 Notes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackdamian View Post
    i can't join any servers now
    It will take some time for server owners to update and re-host.

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    I'm extremely happy with the quick updates we are recieving I can only hope that this will continue. I'm also glad you all address major issues that were really
    making gameplay bad

    Deepest Gratitude,

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    Lovely update. The only problem I have so far is that the camera for the spitters and hunters is WAY too high.
    To keep (what remains of) your sanity when balancing, keep humans with the same base stats. Also upscale the smaller classes to match the upscaled humans. It will help.

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    I see some nice things about this update but I do hope the high pitched carno roar and the roar recharges are buffed/fixed. Roar recharges are super slow XD.

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    -Fixed Alpha Carno skin to use proper elongated horns and spikes

    I've been waiting for this.. but one problem... if you aim your camera in some places the Alpha Carno's texture glitches
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewiatan4 View Post
    Nice, I'll test it
    Will the performace of the game be improved in next updates? Shame that I have only around 25 fps on medium settings, even though my laptop achieves the recommanded system requirements from steam's store website. I've told about it in this thread:

    I'm looking forward to next updates
    This. I hope it's fixed. And if it isn't, then I hope it will be fixed soon.

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    Not only that, but I still can't seem to get any drops. h well, the store update is coming soon so I can't Complain too much

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    Thanks for the awesome patch. It feels MUCH better than the initial release.

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    Awesome. Didn't even think about the suicide command issue, great idea.

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    I'm really happy about the tyrant camera fixed.
    I'm still waiting for the raptor pounce to be able to be cancelled.

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    Hope we get to see the quilled nova and other skins soon.
    p.s Make the nova slash attack faster pls

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    This is a great update. I did not expect a small team could push out updates this fast. Thanks so much for this Circle 5 and Pub Games, you're doing fantastic!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apoc View Post
    It didn't do anything on any dinosaurs but the Cryo/Dilo, which we kept.
    it worked for quick pounces...

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    Have not played the new patch yet but I just wanted to point out that the dedicated server software seems to pop out borked servers? I keep trying to set it for 10-20 minutes but it won't do as such and the round ends magically shortly after the round begins even when there's time left on the clock. Managed to get the server to show 14 minutes and seconds later the round ends.

    Or am I maybe doing something wrong? Would like to try and get this fixed so I could host a server for folks, especially right now since others need to update.

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    Great patch guys! The game feels much better than it did when it first got released. I'm happy to see patches like this one coming out and I can't wait for that balance update!

    Mosasaur is amazing!

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